Why a CS#1 Education?

  • Nurturing creativity with arts integration curriculum

  • Classroom in the community - 30+ field trips each year

  • Teaching self-confidence and mutual respect

  • Emphasis on learning and accountability

  • Kansas City's family-oriented one-room K-6 schoolhouse

  • Small class size with unparalleled teacher/student ratio

  • High academic standards with individualized progress

  • Celebrating curiosity, uniqueness and individuality



CS#1 elementary was developed by and for Kansas City families. We are Kansas City’s locally cultivated, family-oriented, one-room schoolhouse.  CS#1 does not discriminate. We actively teach tolerance. For more information, refer to our non-discrimination policy.  For 40+ years, CS#1 has served as the hub for a small yet vibrant community. Its’ students are recognized for their curiosity, creativity, and community leadership. CS#1 is uniquely prepared to serve an urban community by providing a safe and nurturing environment that celebrates the unique talents and abilities of each child.