Calendar Project Field Trip

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Hello, all! It's Heather, here, mom to Tessa and Nora. I had the great privilege to drive on a field trip this past September, which knocked my socks off!  I can’t count the number of times I teared up, thinking of how lucky the kids were to have such an experience.  While I won’t be able to recall all the terms that were used that day or the names of all the buildings, I would like to share my feelings on that day.

The field trip was basically a downtown architectural tour focusing on buildings that have Classical elements.  However, it included so much more!  The teachers asked the students to think about how people live, work and move within and around the buildings.  We talked about how that has changed from the late 1800s when many of the buildings were constructed and downtown KC was full of hills and mud.  We discussed the impact of cars, indoor plumbing, electricity, population growth, environmental changes, as well as tastes and financial decisions that guide current architecture, city planning, and restoration plans.

We talked about the immigrant communities that started in Kansas City when builders sought their expertise.   We discussed our feelings when we stared at a mosaic floor or the façade of a former fire station.  The teachers helped the students to study, feel, and enjoy these buildings that add such depth to our city.  Per usual, they used the correct words to describe the elements:  Ionic columns, dentils, pediment, keystone, etc.  Because of this, my kids have now surpassed my knowledge of architecture and are teaching me how to spot these elements!

The ability of the CS#1 teachers to weave information, thoughtfulness, and various disciplines into a lesson is one of the most amazing things to me.  This field trip weaved a quilt of history, art, and structures that I will never forget.  Thanks for the opportunity to be a driver and come along for the ride!