Conflict Stoppers

By Nile, age 8

Have you ever run into a problem and not known what to do about it? Well, I have, but that's changed! This semester we are doing something a little different. In social studies, our main focus this year is something called conflict resolution. Conflict resolution teaches us to stop conflicts in many different ways. For example, Noah said that his favorite conflict stopper is ignoring the problem because there are usually enough people already involved. Personally, my favorite conflict stopper is using an "I message". An "I message" is where you tell the person how you feel when they do something that you don't like. Then you tell them what you want them to do in the future.

And now for the projects! The most recent project we did for conflict resolution was a scale of how bad a problem was. It went from a number 1 problem to a number 5 problem; 1 being a small problem and 5 being an emergency. Tessa's favorite project we have done so far is the Respect project because she got to decorate it. The Respect project is basically where you write Respect down on a piece of paper and by each letter you write 2-5 things to Respect.

So, here is a little tip, if you plan on coming to CS#1: We can always solve a conflict!

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