The Best School in the World is CS#1

by Nora, age 7


CS#1 is no ordinary school. We do things a little differently from other schools. Morning Meeting starts the day off right by going over the schedule. Then we do the brain dance. Some students, like Kristi, find that it calms them down after the rush of getting to school. The brain dance includes stretching and different exercises. Then it's time for Math, which Lukas thinks is fun when it's about money! But sometimes we go on field trips, we go on over 30 a year! Punky likes field trips because she always learns something new. We usually have two breaks where we play games like ball and family. Alexander gets hungry at the first break, so he's really excited to go to lunch! We do our presentations at lunch. Presentations are really interesting! After lunch we clean up the school. Then it's time for break and D.E.A.R. D.E.A.R stands for Drop Everything And Read. I haven't even mentioned Science, Art, Music, Yoga, Movement, Phonics, and, last but not least, Handwriting! So that's a day at our not so typical school!!!!!