CS#1 elementary was developed by and for Kansas City families. We are Kansas City’s locally cultivated, family-oriented, one-room schoolhouse.  CS#1 does not discriminate. We actively teach tolerance. For more information, refer to our non-discrimination policy.  For 40+ years, CS#1 has served as the hub for a small yet vibrant community. Its’ students are recognized for their curiosity, creativity, and community leadership. CS#1 is uniquely prepared to serve an urban community by providing a safe and nurturing environment that celebrates the unique talents and abilities of each child.


CS#1 nurtures creativity and curiosity. It teaches students from Kindergarten on up to be catalysts for change in their community. It does all this by respecting students as capable of taking responsibility for their own learning.

That is the simple formula for teaching children the self-confidence required to speak their mind and the mutual respect to truly listen to others. That is how CS#1 cultivates creative problem solvers and future community leaders.

But don't take our word for it. Listen to what the children think. Watch the documentary film celebrating CS#1’s 40th anniversary made by alumni Sam Hrabko, 13 years old. It is their school after all.

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