About Us

We think our videos convey what we're all about better than words ever could. Please take glimpse into our school and our community to learn about who we are and what we do, presented by the folks that know us best.

Quick Peek

This video is a glimpse into the curiosity, creativity and community that are the foundations of a CS#1 education. 

Deep Dive

Grab a cup of coffee, a comfy chair and soak up this video goodness if you really want to know what we're all about. You'll get to visit our classroom and see the students out in the Kansas City community. You'll hear from students, teachers, parents and alumni about what CS#1 has meant to them. You'll even get to virtually meet Gimmick, our class bunny. Prepare to feel some feels!

Community School #1 is a small, independent elementary school built on the principles of academic excellence, responsible citizenship and sense of community. Our small enrollment means each student receives a lot of individual attention. We challenge students to reach their 'personal best' while promoting high academic standards for all. We foster self-reliance and a strong school community, as the children learn to care for themselves and each other. The daily interactions between students strengthen the values of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness.

We extend the classroom into the broader community with numerous field trips during the school year. The arts are integrated with all subjects and enrich the curriculum. CS#1 embraces our metropolitan environment with its wealth of learning resources, and we utilize these to support our endeavors and to encourage commitment to serving others.

Parents are an integral part of the educational process at CS#1 Elementary. They must commit to support our program and be active partners in this process. This is required in order to achieve our individual goals for each learner. We are dependent upon this support for a successful educational experience for students.

CS#1 graduates are readily accepted by other local school programs, both private and public, where they continue to excel.